Dole warns of ‘day of reckoning’ unless U.S. curtails spending


By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog PAOLA, Kan. — Unless the United States is able to ratchet back its uncontrolled spending, the burden will be heaped on future generations, former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole told a crowd of friends and former constituents Monday afternoon. “We keep spending and spending money we don’t have, and maybe our generation will escape,” Dole said. “But someday there’s going to be a day of reckoning, and it may be your grandson or granddaughter who is around at the time. Hopefully, we can elect someone in 2016 who really believes that we have to reduce spending and not raise taxes.” Dole made the hour-long stop in Paola as part of a three-day tour of his home state this week. While the goal of the trek through the Sunflower State is to reconnect with the people who put him in public office for more than three decades, the aging statesman offered a few nuggets on current politics and policy matters. Chief among them, at least in Paola, was the lack of compromise exhibited by Democratic President Barack Obama, and the country’s addiction to ever-increasing levels of spending. Hear it in Dole’s own words in the video clip below. Contact Travis Perry at, or follow him on Twitter at @muckraker62. Like Click HERE to get breaking news alerts in YOUR state!