Problems Linger At North Dakota "Diploma Mill"


A couple of years ago Dickinson State University made national headlines after audits found that foreign students recruited by the university had been issued hundreds of phony diplomas based on phony grades. Also, it was determined that the university had been inflating enrollment numbers with students that didn’t even exist.

Since then university officials have assured us that all is well now at Dickinson State. The Higher Learning Commission even allowed DSU to keep their accreditation (despite some of the personnel involved with the diploma fraud still on the job).

Except, the North Dakota State Auditor’s office just completed a review of Dickinson State, and guess what they found? The university still isn’t doing an adequate job of verifying student residency or reporting enrollment numbers.

The full audit is below. Here are some excerpts.

On student residency:


On reporting student enrollment numbers:


You can read the responses from DSU in the full report below.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that current DSU President D.C. Coston wants out. He’s applied for, and is considered a finalist for, a chancellor’s job at a university in Wisconsin.

Dickinson State Audit