Democrats Send Mailer Appearing to Promote Trump-Backing Independent Candidate for Secretary of State


North Dakota’s Secretary of State race is a three-way competition between incumbent Republican Al Jaeger (on the ballot as an independent because of this), Democrat Josh Boschee, and Republican-leaning independent Michael Coachman.

Today a number of readers reached out to me about mailers they’ve received, identified as paid for by the North Dakota Democratic Party, which at first glance appears to be promoting Coachman’s candidacy.

You can see the image above. The address side of the mailer is below. At a glance, you’d think the ad is promoting Coachman, though if you take the time to read it the ad doesn’t.

I’ve reached out to the Democratic party for comment, but they don’t typically reply to my inquiries.

I reached out to Boschee about the ad, and he claimed he wasn’t aware of it. “I know that they’re doing a mail program. I’d have to check with them. We don’t coordinate with them on everything.”

“I know he’s performing well in different areas of the vote based on our polling,” Boschee added, referring to Coachman.

I’m surprised Democrats would do this. Hoping, and even encouraging, that Coachman will split the right-of-center vote and leave the Democratic candidate victorious is one thing.

Literally paying for ads in pursuit of that goal is deeply cynical to the point where I suspect a lot of people receiving these mailers are going to be insulted.

I mean, the legally required disclaimer is plainly visible at the bottom. Do the Democrats really think voters are this stupid?