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North Dakota Democrats Make a Cheap, Ugly Argument About Paid Family Leave

North Dakota Democrats Make a Cheap, Ugly Argument About Paid Family Leave

Over the past couple of weeks the North Dakota Democrats have been trying to turn a (very good) report about pay for absent lawmakers from Bismarck Tribune journalist Jack Dura into a talking point about mandating paid family leave. I understand the argument, and believe Democratic leaders such as Senator Erin Oban (D-Bismarck) and Rep.

North Dakota Democratic Party: “Coal Is No Longer a Viable Source of Energy.”

In the Minot Daily News over the weekend was a remarkable letter from a leader in the North Dakota Democratic-NPL which derided our state’s coal industry. Brad Magnuson, chairman of his party’s Renewable Energy Caucus, says “Long term, coal is not a viable source of energy.” “Short term, until renewables become exclusive in North Dakota, coal is

Rise in Praise for Socialism (Including From North Dakota Democrats) Should Alarm Us All

For some reason there have been a spate of pro-socialism letters to the editor in the Red River Valley of late. A letter to the editor of the Fargo Forum this week derided President Donald Trump’s stand against socialism during his State of the Union speech by making the rather bizarre claim that “socialism and

Reminder: North Dakota Democrats Also Attempted “Russian Tactics” During Election

“As Russia’s online election machinations came to light last year, a group of Democratic tech experts decided to try out similarly deceptive tactics in the fiercely contested Alabama Senate race, according to people familiar with the effort and a report on its results,” the New York Times reports. What were these tactics? The project’s operators

Democrats Send Mailer Appearing to Promote Trump-Backing Independent Candidate for Secretary of State

North Dakota’s Secretary of State race is a three-way competition between incumbent Republican Al Jaeger (on the ballot as an independent because of this), Democrat Josh Boschee, and Republican-leaning independent Michael Coachman. Today a number of readers reached out to me about mailers they’ve received, identified as paid for by the North Dakota Democratic Party,

Senator Heidi Heitkamp Apparently Heckled During Address to Party as North Dakota Democrats Fracture

Over the weekend the North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League held a reorganization at which party chairwoman Kylie Oversen, a former lawmaker who lost her seat in last year’s election, won another cycle as the party’s leader. Publicly the party is painting smiley faces all over the reorganization. “The amazing participation at today’s meeting is a clear sign

“We Cannot Be an Identity Politics Party” Says Man Who Wants to Lead North Dakota Democrats

C.T. Marhula wants to be the chairman of the North Dakota Democratic party, and he thinks he has the right ideas to lead the state’s liberals out of the political wilderness. “Back to basics,” he told me when I asked him how during an interview on my radio show today. “We cannot be an east-of-I29

Democrats Attack Congressman Kevin Cramer for Having an Open Mind Trump Budget

Why have North Dakota Democrats been pushed to the margins of the state’s politics? Why has their party been worn down to a small, angry nub of hard core progressives? Part of it is that they promote policies and ideas most North Dakotans simply don’t want. Another part of it is that when it comes

It Really Was Your Fault, Kylie Oversen

State Senator George Sinner has announced, despite his previous indications, that he won’t be seeking a recount in his District 46 re-election race against Republican challenger Jim Roers. Now that absentee ballots have been counted Roers gained one vote on Sinner, bringing his lead up to a razor-thin 37 votes, and as long as that

Will North Dakota Democrats Condemn #NoDAPL Violence?

Back in March North Dakota’s Democrats were very concerned about violence at Trump rallies. State Rep. Kylie Oversen, the chairwoman of the North Dakota Democratic Party, condemned political violence and chastised Congressman Kevin Cramer for suggesting that “liberal Chicago thugs” were responsible violence at Trump rallies. “Extremism of any form is unacceptable, and North Dakotans