Democrats’ display at state fair deceive public on teacher pay


UN-EDUCATING THE PUBLIC: Democrats at the state fair in North Carolina put up a deceptive poster showing a decline in teacher pay by leaving out the last three years of an upswing.

By Ann Kane |

If you were walking past the NC Democratic Party booth at the North Carolina State Fair this week, you would have seen a poster showing a dismal decline in teacher pay.

But wait, the chart only showed figures up to 2011.

What’s happened in the past three years? Well, teacher pay actually has risen an average of 7 percent under both a Republican majority in the Legislature and a Republican governor. This information was not included in the poster.

North Carolina state Sen. Chad Barefoot sent out an email a few days ago about the discrepancy. He wrote:

But a strange thing happened when I visited the commercial building (the one with the cakes). I walked past the NC Democratic Party booth and noticed a huge chart outlining a decline in teacher pay. But something was missing – the chart ended at 2011.

I asked the person working the booth why they did not include the past few years that showed teacher pay rising again under Republican control.

They said to me, “Get out of here.”

Here’s a picture showing only the downward trend of teacher pay, which happened under a Democratic governor and Democratic state superintendent of schools.

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