Democrats Are Losing The Voter ID Debate


Here’s a remarkable admission from left-wing commentator Juan Williams, acknowledging that even black voters who are supposedly the target of voter identification laws overwhelmingly support them.

Even most black Americans — people who, overwhelmingly, don’t vote Republican — currently favor new requirements for voters to have photo identification. Three-quarters of all voters — people of all races and political parties — favor such laws, according to polls.

The black support for photo identification of voters can only be described as amazing.

Amazing or, alternatively, a sign of pragmatic support for sound policy aimed at protecting the sanctity of the ballot box.

Williams goes on to suggest that research into voter fraud indicates that it’s “vanishingly rare,” and maybe that’s true though I’d suggest that if we lack the means to determine if vote fraud took place because we don’t have policies like voter ID laws in place it’s hard to quantify just how large a voter fraud problem we have.

But even setting that aside, why leave the ballot box vulnerable to the machinations of the fraudulent?

We tend to be pretty cavalier about voting in America. We take it for granted, and it’s fashionable to be cynical about the whole exercise. And yet, without the belief that elections generally reflect the will of the people our society would collapse. We are a nation that can harbor vicious disagreement over a myriad of issues, a society which can change governing regimes from one faction to another peacefully without war and revolt, because most of us accept that the outcomes from elections are valid.

Other countries vote and yet aren’t nearly so peaceful as America, and that’s often because the people in those countries don’t feel they can trust that the decisions made at the ballot box are representative of the will of the people.

That’s not a road we want to go down as a country, yet it’s a road left-wing activists are fighting desperately to keep us on. Let’s be thankful that they’re losing.