Democrat Wants NASCAR To Cut NRA Sponsorship


How dare NASCAR accept a sponsorship from the NRA. What do they think this is, a free country?

Sen. Chris Murphy wants NASCAR to pass on NRA’s race sponsorship.

In a letter sent Thursday to NASCAR CEO Brian France, Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, asks the stock car racing association to drop the NRA’s sponsorship of an April race at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. The race, in NASCAR’s top flight, will be the NRA 500.

“By giving the NRA sponsorship of a major NASCAR race, NASCAR has crossed a line – you have decided to put yourself in the middle of a political debate, and you have taken a side that stands in opposition to the wishes of so many Newtown families who support common sense gun reform,” Murphy wrote. “Whether or not this was your intention, your fans will infer from this sponsorship that NASCAR and the NRA are allies in the current legislative debate over gun violence. By announcing this new partnership at the very height of Congress’s deliberations over gun reform, NASCAR has inserted itself into a political debate that has nothing to with the business of NASCAR.”

Just so we’re clear, traditionally the winner of this race shoots off a couple of six-shooters in victory lane. And I’m guessing NASCAR is a pretty gun-friendly audience to begin with.

So what’s the problem? Other than Democrats want to use their political power to bully private enterprise into pulling support from the NRA.