Democrat Wants NASCAR Race Pulled Off Air Because The NRA Is Sponsoring It


Why not, the nanny statists got the Winston Cup sponsorship pulled. So, having successfully censored tobacco advertising, obviously they think they can get guns pulled too.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy does not like the NRA, and he’s making that quite clear. In a letter to News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch, he’s asking that Fox cancel plans to air Saturday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race — because the NRA is sponsoring it.

Murphy wrote that the race is taking place during Senate consideration of legislation to reduce gun violence in the wake of the elementary school shootings last December in Newtown, Conn., and feared the race will give national attention “to an organization that has been the face of one side of this heated debate.”

Fox officials declined comment Thursday. The NRA 500 from Texas Motor Speedway will be broadcast as scheduled.

Senator Murphy ought to be ashamed of himself. You see, in America there’s this little thing called the first amendment which allows organizations like the NRA to share their point of view in the public through venues including sponsorship for sporting events.

But I guess this is typical for the times we live in. Don’t try to win the argument with the NRA. Just try to shut them up.