Democrat Congresswoman Is Pretty Sure A Total Handgun Ban Could Be Legal


One of the oddest aspects of the gun control debate is the focus on so-called “assault weapons” which, based on the data, are used in far fewer crimes than handguns. In a Gallup poll taken just two weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting, there was just a slim 51-44 majority against banning “assault weapons” yet 74% opposed a ban on handgun possession.

Which is no doubt why the anti-gun activists are focused on an “assault weapons ban” instead of a handgun ban. The public perceives “assault rifles” as being more dangerous than handguns, so the Democrats see banning the former as an easier sell.

Usually Democrats deny that they want to ban all guns, but that’s just something they say when they know that an outright ban isn’t politically feasible. Our friends on the left are very, very good at incrementalism. But sometimes they tell the truth, as Rep. Jan Schakowsky did admitting than an outright ban on handguns is a possibility:

Remember, Democrats don’t want to take your guns. Unless they feel like that’s politically feasible, then they totally want to take your guns.