Cringeworthy Video: Center For Immigration Studies Destroys Its Credibility


Over the last week or so (see here and here) I’ve been working to clear up a massive amount of confusion created by the Center for Immigration Studies, an anti-illegal immigration group, when they tagged North Dakota as a “sanctuary state” which doesn’t cooperate with federal detainers for illegal immigrants.

CIS has claimed that North Dakota does not cooperate with detainers. I reached out to local corrections officials who told me they comply all the time. I’ve also spoken with several defense attorneys who have represented illegal immigrants and they tell me they’ve never seen the state fail to honor an ICE detainer.

So tonight Valley News Live’s Chris Berg had on Jessica Vaughn, the policy director for CIS, and he asked her about the issue referencing my work (and calling me a “notorious blogger,” thanks Chris!).

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]If CIS is going to report information about controversial policies to the public they have a duty to ensure that information is accurate[/mks_pullquote]

Vaughn didn’t exactly cover herself in glory in responding to the problems with her group’s report. In fact, she made the Center for Immigration Studies look downright irresponsible in publishing false information that they aren’t bothering to correct.

When Berg asks Vaughn why local officials are disputing, without qualification, what CIS has reported Vaughn tried to push the issue off on Immigrations and Custom Enforcement saying they got the information directly for them. When Berg asked why Vaughn and her group haven’t responded to requests for the ICE information they used from both myself and Valley News Life, she dissembled.

Most telling was when Berg asked Vaughn why nobody from CIS bothered to verify their information with the states they were accusing of having “sanctuary policies.” She completely dodged the question, and started talking about how county sheriffs and other state official should vow to cooperate with detainers.

Except, we already have the top corrections official in the state saying North Dakota does, and will continue to, cooperate with every ICE detainer. And it’s not up to state officials to make sure CIS has their facts straight.

Frankly, Vaughn’s dodges don’t cut the mustard. If CIS is going to report information about controversial policies to the public they have a duty to ensure that information is accurate, and to make corrections when it becomes clear the information isn’t accurate.