Creepy Uncle Sam featured in health-care freakshow


By Bre Payton |

CREEPY: Creepy Uncle Sam is joined by scary clowns and knife throwers in this new Creepy Carnival video.

Creepy Uncle Sam is no longer alone in highlighting the ‘creepy’ side of Obamacare. He is joined by a group of carnies in a new health-care freak show.

Clowns dunk a young woman into a “high risk pool,” and a knife thrower aims at a young man spinning on a wheel of surgical options.

Both of these scenes from the Creepy Carnival video are to emphasize the ‘creepy’ and expensive aspects of Obamacare.

“Obamacare was sold as a great deal for young Americans — but it turned out to be a creepy, intrusive and expensive government plan,” the description of the video states.

The health-care freak show is part of latest anti-Obamacare ad campaign by Generation Opportunity, a conservative organization based in Virginia.

The campaign encourages young people to “opt-out” of the Affordable Care Act. But unlike other ads about Obamacare, it wasn’t funded by tax dollars.

If millennials choose to opt out, Obamacare could be in trouble. Healthy young people, after all, are key to funding the exchanges.

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