Correction: Senate Attendance Numbers Inaccurate


At the end of the legislative session we published attendance records for legislators in the House and the Senate. Since there is no central repository for attendance numbers, no government record which shows a votes missed total for each legislator, we had to compile that information from the daily House and Senate journals.

It was a real pain in the arse, and it turns out that with the Senate votes something got messed up with out spreadsheet, something that was noted when several Senators pointed out that they had perfect attendance but hadn’t gotten credit for it.

We tried to piece the data back together by doing spot checks on Senators, but at this point it seems a bad sort or something has busted the data beyond repair.

So we’re going to have to go back and produce that data again.

I’ve taken down the original post. We’ll do a new post with the right information as soon as we have it done.

The House information, which was kept on a separate spreadsheet, is just fine.