Conservative Dan Frei hits GOP and Team Terry over Nikko Jenkins TV ad


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

He gave Congressman Lee Terry fits in the GOP’s May primary election and Dan Frei isn’t done yet.

Dan Frei blasts Team Terry’s Nikko Jenkins ad as the “politics of personal destruction.”

This time he’s taking Team Terry to task for the controversial Nikko Jenkins TV ad.

“Is this what the Republican Party has become?,” asks Frei on his Facebook page.

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Rep. Lee Terry

“We should expect more from our party than the strategy of negative campaigning and the politics of personal destruction.”

On Friday the National Republican Congressional Campaign launched an attack ad tying Terry’s Democratic opponent, Brad Ashford, to Jenkins—the man who walked out of prison last year and wasted no time killing four people in Omaha.

Not surprisingly Democrats pounced on the commercial which conjures up memories of Willie Horton. Also, not surprisingly, Team Terry is defending the ad.

But Frei, who was on the receiving end of Terry attacks last spring and has refused to endorse the 8-term incumbent, says “we are better than this.”

Terry, who defeated Frei 53-47, outspent Frei 20-1. Some of that money going to a pair of last-minute mail pieces which likened Tea Partier Frei to Nancy Pelosi and President Obama and accused Frei of being soft on illegal immigration.

Frei accused Terry of “dirty politics.”

And Frei isn’t the only Omaha Republican condemning the Jenkins ad.

Former Douglas County Attorney Stu Dornan and former County Commissioner George Mills added their complaints over the weekend.

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