Congressman Kevin Cramer Will Be Announcing His U.S. Senate Campaign on Friday


The worst kept secret in North Dakota politics right now is that Congressman Kevin Cramer is, finally, going to be announcing a run for the U.S. Senate on Friday.

This, from a staffer for Governor Doug Burgum, makes it pretty clear what’s happening:

Nobody holds a rally to announced that they’re not running for the U.S. Senate. Plus, I can add that sources close to Cramer are telling me he’s in.

So, he’s in.

I don’t think Cramer and Republicans could afford to drag this out any longer. Cramer’s indecision on this matter has turned his entrance into the Senate race into a national story. That’s good for him. He’s got the wind at his back as he begins his campaign against one-term incumbent Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

But any more dithering and Cramer risks the public’s excitement into frustration and derision.

So Friday it is.

Back in July I wrote that North Dakota’s 2018 Senate race was probably going to be one for the ages. My colleague, columnist Mike Jacobs, scoffed.

I think I’ll stand by my original contention. This Senate race between Cramer and Heitkamp is going to be a clash of the political titans.

Get your popcorn and buckle up.

UPDATE: Cramer’s campaign Facebook page now lists a Senate announcement event: