Congressman Armstrong Rips Cohen During Hearing: “Was It Exhausting Keeping Track of All These Lies You Were Telling?”


During a sensational, highly publicized hearing before the House Oversight Committee Congressman Kelly Armstrong (R-North Dakota) got a lot of attention for his questioning in particular.

He started by noting that Cohen recorded many of his clients, and questioned the ethics of doing so. “I know lawyers who would go to jail” before disclosing recordings of a client, Armstrong said.

Of course, Cohen’s response is that he is going to jail. So there’s that.

Armstrong also grilled Cohen on his handling of finances, ending his questioning with, “Was it exhausting keeping track of all these lies you were telling?”

Here’s the video of the full hearing. Congressman Armstrong’s portion starts at about the 1:42 mark, or click here to go directly to the CSPAN clip.