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No Tax Breaks For Winnings From The Olympics, Please

No Tax Breaks For Winnings From The Olympics, Please

Senator Marco Rubio, R-Florida, has introduced the Olympic Tax Elimination Act which would protect American participants in the Olympics from having to pay taxes on their winnings. America, like many other countries, pays athletes for medals. Gold medalists get $25,000, silver medalists get $15,000 and bronze medalists get $10,000. That’s income, and it’s susceptible to taxation,

Hoeven: Nebraska Ruling May Not Delay Keystone Pipeline For Long

News broke earlier today that a judge in Nebraska has thrown out that state’s approval of the Keystone XL pipeline project, finding that the legislature had illegally delegated authority over the project to Governor Dave Heineman instead of the state’s Public Service Commission: Lancaster County Judge Stephanie Stacy issued a ruling that invalidated Nebraska Gov.

Law Enforcement Mission Creep: Feds Want To Track You With License Plate Scanners

A while back there was some controversy over a program launched by a few North Dakota law enforcement agencies which equipped squad cars with automatic license plate scanners. The scanners would grab and run any license plates they see, with the idea being that they would alert the officer in the car to any vehicle

Bipartisan Bashing Is What Makes House Of Cards Great (Mild Spoilers)

The Netflix original House of Cards is excellent television (if you can call it that given that it exists on a medium that isn’t strictly limited to TV screens any more).  It’s also one of the best politically-themed shows I’ve seen in some time, and what makes it better than some of the other political shows

How Does Something Like This Even Happen?

Conan O’Brien noticed something kind of weird about local news broadcasts on Valentine’s Day. Which is to say, he noticed on-air news people on different stations, representing different network affiliates, in places all over the country all repeating the exact same report about people using online dating. Verbatim. The exact words. Watching the clips sequentially

Server Update In Progress

The rest of today we’ll be executing a server move for SAB. We need to add some more server hamsters. The blog is growing. It shouldn’t impact the blog working, but if you notice some wonkiness later, that’s probably what it is. What it does mean is that I can’t add any more posts today

Obamacare: Number Of North Dakotans Who Lost Insurance 355% Greater Than Those Who Gained It

I have an article up at today about Obamacare enrollments in North Dakota. Put simply, there just aren’t a lot of people signing up. In January, just 1,433 residents of North Dakotaselected a health insurance plan, according to a reportfrom the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, released Feb. 12. According to a previous HHS report, from the