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State Board Of Higher Ed Member Suspended From Practicing Law

State Board Of Higher Ed Member Suspended From Practicing Law

State Board of Higher Education member Grant Shaft, the former president of the board, has been suspended by the North Dakota Supreme Court from practicing law for 30 days. Here’s the docket. A pertinent excerpt from the order: In the Stipulated Facts and Conclusions of the Stipulation, Consent to Discipline and Recommendations of Hearing Panel,

"It is not the role of this Court…to pronounce the 2nd amendment extinct"

A major victory for gun rights proponents out of the typically very left-leaning 9th Circuit Court of Appeals today. The full ruling is here, but essentially the three-judge panel struck down California’s prohibition on concealed carry. The court, surprisingly, found that the 2nd amendment means exactly what it says. Americans don’t just have the right

Some Western North Dakota Spill Reports Might Be Getting A Little Absurd

Last year, after a major oil pipeline spill near Tioga, the North Dakota media threw a hissy fit claiming that spills of hazardous materials in the state weren’t being reported. Of course, they were being reported. The only people who weren’t doing the reporting were the reporters who weren’t asking for the information. Regardless, state

Democrats Snap Up Domain Names For Possible George Sinner Campaign

I have an article at WatchDog.org today about North Dakota Democrats and their struggles with candidate recruitment. Personally, I think state Senator George Sinner of Fargo is going to, inevitably, be their candidate to challenge incumbent Rep. Kevin Cramer. But it’s got to be causing Democrats a lot of angst that he’s sort of backing

Ag Commission Exit Interviews Complain Of Low Morale

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is being challenged for the NDGOP endorsement by Farm Bureau-backed Judy Estenson (Goehing is now saying he’ll run to the primary if he doesn’t get the party endorsement). Before Estenson launched her campaign, Goehring admitted in an email to Farm Bureau members that he engaged in some inappropriate behavior around female

North Dakota Democrat Email List Members Get Anti-Oil Fundraising Pitches

North Dakota Democrats walk a fine line on energy issues in North Dakota. Nationally, Democrats (up to and including President Barack Obama) are very much anti-oil and anti-coal. But here in North Dakota, both fuels are important to the economy. Not only that, North Dakotans are aware that those resources can be safely and responsibly

REAC Building Boondoggle Dumped On The Taxpayers By Unapologetic Higher Ed Officials

“In my 38 years in the legislature, this is one the most egregious examples of thumbing nose at a legislative directive. Period.” That’s what state Senator Ray Holmberg, R-Grand Forks, told Prairie Public about the deal in which the UND Research Foundation, controlled by UND officials, dumped the financially-challenged REAC building onto taxpayers. I’ve written about

From The Left: The GOP Lies On Health Care Reform Have Real Life Consequences

Last week, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong chose to tell a company-wide conference call that two AOL employees who had “distressed babies” requiring high health care costs and the Affordable Care Act was forcing him to make cuts to 401(k) benefits. Following the public outcry over this “distressed babies” comment, including a well written article by one of

Heitkamp Votes For Debt Ceiling Hike, Hoeven And Cramer Vote No

Yesterday the US House passed a debt ceiling hike that, for the first time since 2009, had no other spending or policy concessions included in it. Today the Senate followed suite. In the House, Rep. Kevin Cramer voted against the hike saying he couldn’t approve of one without conditions attached. “I could not in good