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University Of North Dakota Students Angered Over Tuition Hike They Say They Weren't Consulted About UPDATE: Agenda Item Pulled

University Of North Dakota Students Angered Over Tuition Hike They Say They Weren't Consulted About UPDATE: Agenda Item Pulled

Tomorrow the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education will discuss tuition increases for the state’s universities, including a nearly 5 percent hike for the University of North Dakota. But the UND student government, and a statewide student organization, apparently weren’t notified about the proposal despite the motion before the SBHE explicitly saying otherwise. Student

If A Trade Embargo For Cuba Is Justified, Why Not China And Vietnam Too?

Yesterday Florida Republican Marco Rubio took to the floor of the Senate to lambaste a group of Senators, led by Tom Harkin of Iowa and including North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkmap, who visited Cuba and delivered a glowing report from that country back here in America. Rubio, rightly I think, read his colleagues the riot act

UPDATED North Dakota District Conventions: Districts 25 and 39 Richland, McKenzie, Golden Valley, Billings, Slope, Bowman, Dunn and Adams County Area Guide

UPDATED Candidate information below in bold type This post is part of a continuing series highlighting the potential state legislative candidates from each district for their party’s nomination. For more information on this series, refer to the “SAB’s Guide To North Dakota District Conventions: A Government Of People Who Show Up” post. The Districts: 25 and 39 Click

Can A Lawsuit Make A Man Who Got Less Than 2% Of The Vote Governor Of North Dakota?

In the 2012 election, Governor Jack Dalrymple and Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley received 200,526 votes representing 63.1 percent of all ballots cast. Paul Sorum, gubernatorial candidate who lost the NDGOP endorsement to Dalrymple then ran on the general election ballot as an independent, got 5,356 votes or 1.69 percent of all ballots cast. Now, 477

Only In Government Could Austerity Mean A $1 Trillion Increase In Spending

“With the 2015 budget request, Obama will call for an end to the era of austerity that has dogged much of his presidency and to his efforts to find common ground with Republicans,” reported the Washington Post a few days back. Bart Hinkle finds the idea that we’ve been living through an era of austerity to

From The Left: North Dakota Republicans Fulfill Democrat Policy Goals

As a fairly politically active Democrat in ND, it has been interesting watching all of the hand-wringing by many North Dakota Republicans regarding the exceptionally high rate of increased spending by ND’s state government. At the same time that some in the Party are pulling out their hair about this spending, they’re pointing fingers at

Through January North Dakota Biennium Revenues Up Nearly $300 Million

The latest revenue numbers for North Dakota are out from the state Office of Management and Budget covering the biennium through the month of January, and biennium to date the state is up nearly $300 million in tax collections over the 2011-2013 biennium. That’s a roughly 19.2 percent bump. Compared to the 2009-2011 biennium, revenues

I'm Not Sure Tyler Axness Actually Knows What The Public Service Commission Does

Yesterday we got news that, about a month away from their state convention, Democrats got just their second statewide candidate. State Senator Tyler Axness, who is in his first term representing the newly-created District 16 in Fargo, is announcing a campaign for the Public Service Commission today. I’m told that Axness will be challenging Julie