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Breaking News: The Pope Is Catholic

Breaking News: The Pope Is Catholic

Ever since making some statements against capitalism that, rightfully I think, angered those of us interested in free markets and individual liberty (after all, free market capitalism has done more to combat poverty than any church ever created by man), the left has held up Pope Francis as a sort of liberal icon. The anti-capitalists

Obamacare's Cost In North Dakota: Over 35,000 Lost Insurance, Less Than 3,000 Got Insurance

Despite the Obamacare insurance mandate which punishes the uninsured with a tax penalty in 2014, despite a high-profile political marketing campaign from the Obama administration (including hundreds of thousands of dollars of grants made to groups right here in North Dakota) the total number of people in the state who have enrolled in insurance because

North Dakota's Drop In Abortions Likely Part Of A National Trend

“[North Dakota]’s lone abortion provider performed less than 1,200 abortions last year, the lowest number in more than a decade and down more than 11 percent from 2012,” reports the Fargo Forum’s Kyle Potter. Tammy Kromenaker, who runs North Dakota’s only abortion clinic called the drop “good news,” but then also blamed it on the

Liberals Have Selective Memory When It Comes To Who Really Pays Taxes

It’s interesting when the left talks about taxes. Over the weekend Grand Forks Herald publisher Mike Jacobs wrote about property taxes, and the need to give renters property tax relief. “Renters are a special case, however, because they pay the property tax indirectly, as part of their rent checks,” writes Jacobs. “Rents haven’t gone down

Chart Of The Day: Without Labor Force Shrinkage, Unemployment Rate Wouldn't Be Improving

By now most political observers (if not necessarily American voters in general) are well aware of the problems with the U-3 unemployment rate number. It only measures the number of people who are unemployed who meet the government’s definition of active job seekers. The U-6 unemployment, per the BLS, presents a much more accurate picture:

The North Dakota Taxpayers Now Own Lawrence Welk's Home

According to reports, the State Historical Society Board narrowly approved the purchase of Lawrence Welk’s homestead. State Historical Society Board votes 6-5 to buy Lawrence Welk homestead this morning.@SarahGustin2 @KXMB #kxnews — Tom Gerhardt (@bistom) January 10, 2014 Last year the state legislature approved $100,000 for the purchase. Since then an assessment by state officials

Why Are We Counting People Charged, Not People Convicted, For Western North Dakota Crime?

“Number of federal defendants up 31% in western North Dakota,” reads the Mike Nowatzki headline in the Fargo Forum. The numbers were released by North Dakota’s hyper-partisan US Attorney Tim Purdon (you know, the duck guy) who says “I don’t expect that to stop anytime soon.” First, this is an odd metric to use. The number of defendants