A Campaign Trail Engagement for Doug Burgum

It’s been a big year for Fargo businessman Doug Burgum.

In addition to winning an up hill battle in the Republican gubernatorial primary against popular Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, lining him up to be this deeply Republican state’s next governor (let’s face it, the general election is pretty much a formality at this point), he’s also announced that he’s getting married:

I contacted Burgum this afternoon about the announcement. He said they weren’t releasing any details, but said that he’s excited about the engagement.

It’s pretty unusual for politicians to being getting married at the same time they’re running for office. Then again, Burgum isn’t your typical politician either.

Burgum was married once before to Karen Stoker, owner of the Hotel Donaldson in downtown Fargo. According to the bio on his campaign page he has three children, including 22 year old Joe Burgum who ran for the Fargo City Commission earlier this year but lost.

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