California governor seeks ‘fiscal restraint,’ yet more spending too

By Katy Grimes | Cal Watchdog

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown delivered his 2014 State of the State address this morning. It was largely a recap of his recent 2014 budget proposal press conference, but shorter.

As Brown often does, he first took on his critics:

“It occurred to me that these critics – who have long recited our state’s decline – perhaps have nothing to say in the face of California’s comeback – except, ‘please, don’t report it.’ Well, I’m going to report it, and what a comeback it is: A million new jobs since 2010, a budgetary surplus in the billions and a minimum wage rising to $10 an hour!”

Brown stressed again the need for “fiscal restraint” from the Legislature. But then he went on to discuss several big state spending projects:

“We’re on our way to a million electric vehicles and we’re building the nation’s only high-speed rail. We’re expanding health care coverage to millions more.”

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