California Democrats pushing bill to aid the young to vote

By Katy Grimes | Cal Watchdog

Democrats are pushing new legislation to make it easier for young people to vote. Given that young people in California register 2-to-1 for Democrats over Republicans, the bills could make Democrats even more dominant and accelerate Republicans’ waning power.

Senate Bill 113 is by state Sen. Hanna-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara. It would pre-register high school students to vote at age 16. Introducing her bill in the Senate Tuesday, she said there are similar laws in Florida and Hawaii.

She said pre-registration encourages young people to vote once they are eligible at age 18; and makes it more likely they will become lifelong voters.

“It does not change the voter age,” Jackson said Tuesday in the Senate. “Once they turn 18, the registration is automatic. This is great for democracy to invest in the system. It’s their future.”

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