California busybodies side with union rather than farmworkers


MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Why is Berkeley weighing in on a labor dispute in Fresno?

By Katy Grimes |

BERKELEY, Calif. — The liberal busybodies on the Berkeley City Council are weighing-in on an issue that has nothing to do with their city, and Gerawan Farming in Fresno is in their crosshairs again.

While the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board has steadfastly refused to count thousands of ballots collected by Gerawan farmworkers, cast nine months ago to decertify the United Farm Workers labor union, Berkeley is inserting itself in the labor dispute — on the side of the big labor union, rather than with the little, farmworkers, fighting for the right to work without a union.

It is ironic that the ALRB, created in the 1970s to provide farm workers a voice, refuses to let workers have a voice to vote to decertify the UFW, because the outcome may not fit their agenda.

In July, the City of Berkeley decided to weigh in on the contentious labor issue — the same city council of liberal busybodies which in 2008 approved a measure which told Marine recruiters to vacate their Berkeley office.

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