Burgum Should Heed Dems’ Call for Pandemic-Expanded Workers Comp


MINOT, N.D. — Our top priority in the coming months, aside from the overall task of combating the spread of COVID-19, is keeping our schools open.

We’re just a week or two into the school year, depending on where you live, and already we’re seeing outbreaks in some areas.

This was inevitable — in-person schooling means more person-to-person contact in our communities which means more spread — and the pressure campaign to close our schools down again is coming.

(Amid this we’re continuing to hold games and practices for the scholastic sports teams, something that ups the risk of schools closing and is a stinging indictment of our pathetic priorities when it comes to K-12 education, but that’s a topic for another column.)

We must protect the men and women who staff our schools to make school closures less likely.

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