Bullying motivates many parents to home-school, attorney says

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By Mary C. Tillotson | Watchdog.org

Bullying and abuse in school motivates many parents to home-school, said Michael Donnelly, attorney for the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, on an episode of Reform School.

Donnelly and Choice Media discussed a teacher who allegedly grabbed a kindergartener’s face inappropriately.

“Frankly, that’s a reason that a lot of parents don’t want their kids in school and are looking for choices, and why a lot of parents home-school their kids, because of bullying,” he said. “Usually it’s bullying from other kids, but there’s plenty of bullying that happens with teachers, too, and special needs kids.”

Donnelly noted that teaching is a “tough job” and that he wasn’t criticizing teachers generally.

Donnelly and Choice Media also discussed North Carolina’s voucher program, which is being allowed to continue while the court system sorts through the lawsuit, a cheating scandal in Philadelphia, the newly elected mayor of Newark, a civil rights notice from the federal government to charter schools and concern over increased regulations on private schools.

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