Brotherly love is an idea that lends credence to being kind and lenient to others through charitable acts. The Kansas City Business Journal details the story of a man who goes by “Brother Love,” but his fraudulent actions were anything but loving and more related to the love of money.

The article states that as part of a $100 million tax fraud scheme, the man and other co-conspirators filed 284 fraudulent tax returns over a three-year period. The fraudster received a fee for each fraudulent return filed. “Brother Love” directed the refund checks to be written to a ministry in his name. (There’s the charity connection. Most likely, he was the only one receiving charitable benefits.)

The fraudster pleaded guilty to one count each for conspiracy to defraud the government by filing fraudulent tax returns and filing a fraudulent tax return. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison and ordered to pay $952,000 in restitution. (What about the other $2.5+ million?) In total, 11 defendants have pleaded guilty in connection with the scam.

This criminal’s selfish love of money motivated him to victimize honest, hard-working taxpayers under the guise of being charitable. It’s a certainty that he won’t be receiving much lenience, kindness or charity while serving out his time.

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