I’ve been neglecting blogging duties today, having become absorbed of the shoot-outs and manhunts going on in the Boston Marathon bombing case.

Perhaps the most interesting development today has been the ties between the alleged bombers and radicalized Islam. This photo of a Russian social media profile has one of the suspects identifying his world-view as “Islam.”


Tamerlan Tasarnaev, the older brother, has apparently been posting videos sympathetic to al Qaeda on his YouTube page.

One of the suspects, Tamerlan, is dead while (according to various reports he was either killed in a firefight with police, blew himself up or was run over by his brother) while the other, Dzhokhar, is still at large with media reports right now claiming law enforcement has no idea where he’s at.

SAB isn’t really a “breaking news” sort of blog, but feel free to discuss below.