Bob Timm: Does Gasoline Need Country Of Origin Labeling?


I for one am very grateful for the drop in oil/gas prices even though it is having a negative effect on the region I live. I live in North Dakota. North Dakota is the number two State in the nation for oil production and has been growing in leaps and bounds. Two years in a row North Dakota has had the largest population increase, thanks to our oil boom and the prosperity it has brought.

The oil boom has brought us many blessings including the only State I’m aware of with BILLIONS of extra funds in our States coffers. As a Realtor I’d be amiss to fail to mention what it has done for our property values across the entire State.

North Dakota is, and always has been, know as an agricultural state. One piece of legislation well known in agricultural states is Country Of Origin Labeling (known by the acronym COOL). COOL lets people know where there ag products originate from and in cases of livestock the label is to let people know where the livestock was born, raised, and produced for consumption.

Why not apply COOL to oil and gas products? I for one would be willing to pay ten to even fifty cents per gallon more to know that I am NOT purchasing gas from countries that hate us and kill our soldier sons and daughters. Let them choke on their oil as it becomes worth less and less and decreases their ability to purchase weapons to kill US soldiers, citizens, and our allies.

What do you think? If your pump had Regular/Middle East  for $2.00 a gallon and another nozzle for Regular/USA for $2.50 a gallon which one would you purchase?