Blind voters sue for online ballots in Maryland


By Glynis Kazanjian | Maryland Reporter

A blind voter who had a “horrific” experience voting during the primary election has filed a new complaint against the state election board, adding to the list of grievances in a lawsuit initiated by the National Federation of the Blind in May.

One of the original plaintiffs, Janice Toothman, is seeking an unspecified amount of damages for what she says was a bungled voting experience that left her without the ability to vote privately or independently. Toothman, 52, is deaf and blind with a limited ability to hear.

Toothman said in her efforts to vote, she was unable to hear sound in the headset provided by a precinct in Bowie. Election officials offered to read ballot selections to Toothman, but Toothman rejected the offer saying it took away her right to vote in the same way as individuals without disabilities — a right guaranteed through the American for Disabilities Act.

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