Berkeley moves against farmworkers’ campaign on behalf of UFW


By Katy Grimes|

On the heels of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board refusing to count thousands of ballots collected by farmworkers cast six months ago to decertify the United Farm Workers labor union, the city of Berkeley has decided to weigh in on the contentious labor issue.

This is the same Berkeley City Council, which in 2008 approved a measure that told Marine recruiters to vacate their Berkeley office.

But rather than offer support to the farm workers in their fight to oust the UFW from Gerawan Farming, a Berkeley City Council member is calling for letters of support for the UFW.

“Support the United Farm Workers by sending letters to Wal-Mart requesting it upholds its own ‘Standards for Suppliers’ and to Gerawan Inc. urging it to protect and aid its underpaid agricultural workers,” Berkeley Councilman Kriss Worthington’s letter said.

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