Berkeley Council scolded by Gerawan Farm lawyer


CITY SCOLDED: Lawyer takes Berkeley City Council to task for siding with the union over workers.

Katy Grimes |

Last week I wrote about the liberal busybodies on the Berkeley City Council, who have inserted themselves into a labor issue 200 miles and five counties away, at Gerawan Farming in Fresno.

Rather than offer support to the Gerawan farm workers in their fight to oust the United Farm Workers labor union from Gerawan Farming, two members of the Berkeley City Council have called for a resolution and letters of support for the UFW labor union. And they want this on the agenda during a council meeting.

However, Gerawan Farming attorney David A. Schwarz sent his own letter to the council members and mayor of Berkeley pointing out that Berkeley’s council members, in their zeal to support the labor union, got a few facts wrong.

The first recommendation for UFW support came from Berkeley Councilman Kriss Worthington in July. “Support the United Farm Workers by sending letters to Wal-Mart requesting it upholds its own ‘Standards for Suppliers’ and to Gerawan Inc. urging it to protect and aid its underpaid agricultural workers,” Berkeley Councilman Kriss Worthington said in a letter.

However, Worthington neglected to include in his letters that thousands of Gerawan employees have been protesting for two years to oust the UFW labor union from the farming company.

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