Auditors find millions in overpayments, lack of controls at MD schools


By Charlie Hayward | Maryland Reporter

The Prince George’s County Public School System overpaid employees millions of dollars because of lax controls on payrolls and “sick-leave banks,” according to one of many repeat findings by legislative auditors.

The audit also found that hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment and expenses within the school system do not have proper oversight and safeguards. Among the findings: $200 million of equipment is not adequately protected against theft or loss by inventory tracking systems; regular physical inventory counts; and researching missing property.

And more than $100 million of bus transportation expenses are not adequately controlled because of unreliable routing software that isn’t fully used, as well as inefficient bus routes.

More than half of the findings –12 of 23 — in the scathing report are repeated from a previous audit, but still remain problems.

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