Attention Jamestown SAB Readers: Meet Up Tonight


I’m heading to Jamestown today for some business this weekend, which I mentioned to someone in an email and they said, “Why not have a SAB reader meet-up while you’re there?”

Good question.

I’ve never actually done such a thing before. I think a lot of you like to keep your anonymity, but since I was probably going to be spending Friday night sitting in a hotel bar anyway, why not see if some people want to stop by and meet up? Even if it is on short notice.

So here’s the details:

Friday, March 22nd
Shady’s Lounge (map)

Nothing formal. No agenda. Just an opportunity for a face-to-face meet up with some of you readers.

Show up and say hi. Or show up and call me names. But if you do the latter, I may make you buy me a beer first.