Ashford swipes at GOP’s Terry: Omaha House race off and running


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Win or lose in November, Democratic Congressional hopeful Brad Ashford will be giving voters a clear-cut choice especially when it comes to issues like Obamacare and the minimum wage.

Brad Ashford (D)

With no media fanfare—Nebraska Watchdog has seen a video of Ashford’s comments—the Omaha State Senator held a fundraiser last week where, among other things, he took a few swings at incumbent Republican Lee Terry.

“I will not vote to shutdown our government, under any circumstances,” said Ashford adding, ”And I will not take a paycheck if somebody else votes to shut it down.”

Rep. Lee Terry, who is challenged in the GOP Primary by Dan Frei, is seeking a 9th term

During last fall’s shutdown Terry—who later apologized— said he needed a paycheck because he had a “kid in college” and a “nice house.”

Ashford also jumped on Terry’s almost endless votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which Ashford says needs “fixing.”

“I guarantee you I will not vote 47 times to repeal a law that is helping nine million Americans get health care,” said Ashford.

And if that doesn’t fuel some on the the right Ashford added these:

  • “We’re gonna fight for the minimum wage…the vast majority of those working for the minimum wage are women, they need help.”
  • “We need to bolster our economy with comprehensive immigration reform….no more stalling tactics let’s make it work.”

After 30 years of party hopping—Democrat to Republican to independent and back to Democrat—Ashford is promising to successfully work both sides of the aisle.

“Things are so divided in Washington…you can make laws with 25 people in the United States Congress.”

Of course just a year ago, running for Omaha mayor as an independent, he finished fourth in a five-way race.

Then just last month Ashford’s name was missing from a key Democratic Party money making list.

While nearly three dozen Democrats running for Congress have a front row seat on the party’s “Red to Blue Program”—GOP held districts the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is targeting this fall—Ashford is not one of them.

State Chairman Vince Powers said Ashford, who’d only been running a few weeks, will make the list.

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