Democrat Cribs Campaign Announcement From Noted Conservative Blogger


I reported three days ago that Democrats would be announcing their final statewide candidate today. April Fairfield, a former legislator and current non-profit executive, announced her campaign for Secretary of State today.

She’ll be facing incumbent Republican Al Jaeger.

I got a laugh out of her campaign announcement, because it was pretty clearly cribbed from SAB. For instance, everything in this paragraph from Fairfield’s campaign announcement was pulled from this post I wrote about Jaeger’s competence problems back in February:

Taxpayers have seen millions of dollars wasted on an I.T. project. Paperwork for third party candidates has been misplaced. Citizens have had submitted petitions turned down on technicalities while Jaeger has submitted the wrong language for ballot measures. Our servicemen and women have had their ballots sent out late. Jaeger even shut his office down during official hours so his staff could catch up on paperwork. Now, almost a year after the Legislature passed a new voter I.D. law, Jaeger is just starting a public information campaign to inform voters. He’s too late. Many local special elections have already been held that highlighted problems with the law.

Just in case that wasn’t enough to convince that Fairfield (or, at least, whoever is writing her press releases) is a SAB reader, I wrote this in that post from February:

When Jaeger completes his current term, he will have been in office for a whopping 22 years, and if he wins another term he’ll be in office for a total of 26.

Just to put that into perspective, in 1992 Clint Eastwood’s The Unforgiven won an Oscar for Best Picture, Bonnie Raitt won a Grammy for “Something To Talk About” and, believe it or not, Jay Leno debuted as the Host of The Tonight Show.

Fairfield had this in her press release today:

“For perspective, when Jaeger was first elected George H.W. Bush was president and Johnny Carson had just retired from ‘The Tonight Show.’ Twenty-two years is enough.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that SAB is partisan. Not when Democrats are using SAB posts as campaign fodder against Republicans.