Was There Anyone Who Questioned That Climate Changes?


After years of deriding Republicans for repeated legislative attempts to repeal Obamacare – something which would have rolled back actual policy for actual reasons (agree with them or not) – Democrats made one of their first acts as the Senate minority an amendment to the Keystone bill declaring that climate change is real and “not a hoax.”

Which seems a little silly to me. Does anyone dispute that our climate changes? From season to season? From year to year? Was there ever any doubt that over time climate trends change weather patterns across the globe?

Not surprisingly, the amendment passed almost unanimously in the Senate with 98 voting yes, 1 (a Republican Senator from Mississippi) voting no, and one not voting.

Of course climate change is real. Anyone who acknowledges that we’ve had ice ages knows this. The amendment offered by Democrats accomplished nothing other than illustrating the pablum at the heart heart of climate change hysteria. They define this crisis so broadly that every weather phenomena seems to portend, in their minds, a coming apocalypse.

The alarmists justify scary predictions about future catastrophes based on minute shifts in global weather patterns. Predictions which, in turn, are used as justification for sweeping public policy (usually more government control and less freedom).

We can all admit that the weather is, you know, weather. What’s very much in doubt is the extent of mankind’s activities on weather patterns, whether that impact is spurring on some sort of weather apocalypse, and whether or not we can control the weather through public policy (e.g. by controlling carbon emissions).

The science is settled on climate changes. Where it is not settled is on what impact humans have on those changes, and what we can do about it.

Perhaps it is time left-wing environmental zealots acknowledged that.