Anti-Gun Activists Help Car Dealer Give Away More Guns


I sometimes get the feeling that anti-gun activists do more to help sell guns than gun dealers and manufacturers. It seems like every time they open their mouths to oppose the lawful possession and use of firearms they inspire people to further embrace their civil right to keep and bear firearms.

Case in point, a car dealership in Minnesota – Cloquet Ford Chrysler – has been running a promotion where each new car sale comes with a choice of a new lawnmower or, if you pass the appropriate screening, a handgun.

An anti-gun group in Minnesota targeted the dealer, sending a wave of ugly and vicious social media comments their way, and it turns out the dealer couldn’t be more pleased:

If the plan was to intimidate the Cloquet business, it backfired, owner Al Birman said.

“Now we’re not ending the offer this week, we’re extending it until Father’s Day,” he said, adding that the dealership has seen increased business and a broader customer base plus a 3,000 percent increase in Facebook traffic since the deal began generating both controversy and plenty of free publicity.

The anti-gun activists are their own worst enemies, it seems.

We saw a similar situation play out here in North Dakota last year. The West Fargo Hockey Club was auctioning off a bunch of guns as a fundraiser. They got attacked by anti-gun activists and, right on cue, their fundraiser turned into one of the most successful ever.

Supporting the 2nd amendment, it seems, is very good for business.