Analysis: From the back corner, a solid speech that was mostly true

By Len Lazarick | Maryland Reporter

From my usual corner at the back of the House of Delegates chamber, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley’s eighth and final State of the State address seemed one of his better efforts.

Think what you might of O’Malley’s accomplishments during the past seven years — the real subject of the whole speech — the governor is an effective communicator, except when he reaches too far for the lofty rhetoric of his beloved Irish poets.

This year, the guy who runs the governor’s teleprompter was relocated to my usual corner, so as I watched O’Malley deliver the address, I could also see it scrolling on the teleprompter screen. The speech was pretty good in the chamber, but it was even better watching it later on Maryland Public Television, though the governor’s gestures seemed a little overdone, too hot for the cool medium of the TV screen, but barely visible from the back of the room.

Both in the House and on TV, the applause of the delegates and senators was tepid as O’Malley led them to the mountaintop for a view of his good deeds as well as the future. They had heard much of it before

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