Amy Jirsa-Smith: Opt Out Of Common Core Testing


HB 1283, a bill regarding notification of proposed tests and parents rights to direct the test not be administered to their child, passed in the House. The bill provides clarity for parents about being able to opt out/refuse the tests being administered to their children. Parents have always had the right to direct the education of their children.  However, with the increased number of assessments, the introduction of Common Core and more importantly, the Smarter Balanced Assessment, more parents are concerned and opting their children out of assessments.

Operation Opt Out – North Dakota is an opt out campaign taking place statewide. The number of parents opting out/refusing the tests increases on a daily basis. Schools continue to threaten parents stating that opting out is not an option. Parents, I am here to tell you that opting out of/refusing the tests is your right as a parent. When the schools tell you it is illegal or the form you submit is not legitimate, inform them you are not asking for permission but rather giving them notice that your child will NOT be taking the assessments.

The top reasons to opt your child out of the tests include:

1. The tests have nothing to do with grades

2. The tests are about collecting data

3. Student data collected is not protected from third party sharing

4. Assessments = data = funding

5. The tests are set up to make your child fail

6. The tests cannot be viewed by parents

7. Your child’s teachers never see the test prior to, during or after the test and do not know who is scoring, how and in what way

8. Computer adaptive tests are not an accurate assessment of where your child is academically

9. Too many assessments are being administered with less time spent teaching/learning

10. Because it is your right!

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