Adventures In Blog Hosting: Sorry For The Outage


As I’m sure you all noticed (judging by the non-stop emails and texts I’ve been receiving over the last 12 hours or so) we had a few problems with the blog yesterday.

It was down for much of the day, and when it was up many of the feature were displaying incorrection or were just unavailable.

I apologize for the headaches. A couple of the plugins we use in SAB’s WordPress install developed a conflict, and that took the site down. And because SAB is a very complex WordPress install, it took us a while to track down where exactly the problem was.

Complicating all of this was the fact that a) I’m out of town with my wife due to a death in the family and b) I’ve managed to develop a horrendous head cold which I’m treating with drugs not conducive to concentration.

Plus, SAB doesn’t exactly have a dedicated IT department. SAB has a blogger who sometimes wears an IT hat to try and fix problems, which usually results in making the problems worse at which point I have to call in actual experts.

So it took a while to fix. But the server hamsters are fed and happy again.

Pretty much everything should be restored to working order. If you posted comments while Disqus was down those comments have been eaten. Sorry about that. Also, I don’t yet have the recent comments working. I know that’s important to you commenters, so I’m working on bringing it back.

Posting will be light today as we will be attending a funeral and then traveling back to Minot. Things should be back to normal on Wednesday.