Ad watch: GOP puts Ashford and Nikko Jenkins ‘side by side’

Part 5 of 5 in the series Ad Watch: Nebraska ’14

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

It took two weeks but now they are “side by side.”

On October 3, as Congressman Lee Terry held a news conference all but tying convicted murderer Nikko Jenkins to Democrat Brad Ashford, Nebraska Watchdog asked this:

Nebraska Watchdog: Congressman are we going to see an ad with Nikko Jenkins’ picture and Brad Ashford’s picture side by side from your campaign or from those supporting you?

Congressman Lee Terry: Uh we haven’t…

Kent Grisham (Terry campaign manager, chimes in): No such commercial has been produced.

Congressman Lee Terry: No such commercial has been produced.

Well, with the race too close for anyone to call, its not only been produced it’s also out there for everyone to see. The National Republican Congressional Committee is doing the honors for Team Terry and proud of it, issuing a news release and the ad early Friday.

Along with Team Ashford cries that the ad is a “desperate” move by the GOP, the 30 second commercial (see it below) is also likely to bring Democratic charges that Terry is playing the Willie Horton race card.

But will it bring an Ashford TV ad counter punching this latest attack? Stay tuned.

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