Ad Watch: Democrat Brad Ashford reaching out to…Republicans?


Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

Just two years ago Democrat Bob Kerrey said it would have “a terrible impact on Nebraska.”

Two years later Democrat Brad Ashford thinks it’s a great idea.

Brad Ashford

“It” is a balanced budget amendment and in his latest TV ad (see it below) Ashford says if elected to Congress he’ll vote for it in order to “rein in spending.”

Photo by Nebraska Watchdog

Rep. Lee Terry

The ad also finds Ashford promising to cut regulations on small businesses and stop the employer mandate in Obamacare.

If you didn’t know better you might think Ashford was a Republican—of course a few years ago he was—or simply fishing for GOP votes as he tries to unseat 8-term Republican Congressman Lee Terry.

In either case, having seen the new Ashford ad, I had to ask:

Nebraska Watchdog: Did you switch parties again?

Brad Ashford: (laughs)

Nebraska Watchdog: But those positions (in the ad) are all Republican positions.

Brad Ashford: That’s right. I think I really am a conservative or maybe moderate, whatever you want to say, I think I have more in common with Republicans on business issues…That ad is what I believe.

Ashford also notes that—like a lot of Democrats— he’s in favor or raising the minimum wage, which Terry opposes.

But the ad doesn’t mention the minimum wage—Republican voters might not approve.

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