Achievement gap can’t be solved by throwing more preschool at the problem


By Margaret Sessa-Hawkins | Maryland Reporter

All the benefits for pre-kindergarten education touted by the Democratic candidates for governor can be easily lost in just a year or two if there isn’t strong follow-up in kindergarten and the early grades, experts and studies show.

As reported Thursday, research into pre-K programs has shown very promising results on its potential to mitigate the achievement gap. But without quality K-12 programs, the benefits gained from pre-K programs can be reversed by as early as first grade.

“High quality pre-K is a necessary component of the effort to close the achievement gap,” said Jason Botel of advocacy group MarylandCAN (Campaign for Achievement Now). “It can’t be the only component, though, because if you have high quality pre-K and low quality K-12 that work can be undone.”

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