A Sign That There Are Still Some Grown-Ups Governing in Bismarck


MINOT, N.D. — Today, Gov. Doug Burgum signed House Bill 1425 into law.

It’s a big deal, a fantastic accomplishment for Rep. Mike NatheR-Bismarck, and the other lawmakers who backed it, and a credit to Burgum as well. Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread, a member of the State Investment Board, also deserves our congratulations for pushing this idea forward.

It’s a bit of competent governance that stands in stark contrast to the very dumb anti-masking bill that got far more attention when it was approved by the Senate yesterday.

While the Fox News-addled “conservatives” who see the movement as nothing more than a culture war, where the primary objective is the Trumpian edict to “own the libs,” were titillated at the opportunity to stick it to the rational and evidence-based case for masking, HB 1425 is the far more consequential legislation.

It’s passage a sign that there are still some grownups in charge down in Bismarck.

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