A letter from the editor: Nebraska’s next governor


Nebraska State Capitol

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog

As many of our readers know—possibly because we have publicized it on our website since our 2009 launch— five years ago Omaha businessman Pete Ricketts, who has spent the last 14 months running for governor, was a founding contributor to the non-profit Franklin Center for Public Integrity, of which Nebraska Watchdog is a part.

It is important to note that no donor to the Franklin Center, and there are many, have any editorial control over Nebraska Watchdog’s content.

However, in order to avoid even the appearance of any conflict of interest during heated primary and general election battles, since Rickett’s entry into the campaign Nebraska Watchdog has not reported on the governor’s race.

Tuesday (tonight) at 8 p.m when the polls close—and we move from campaigning to governing—Nebraska Watchdog’s reporting on the state’s next chief executive will resume.

Stay with Nebraska Watchdog for in-depth election coverage from the governor’s race on down the ballot.

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