7 reasons to be hopeful about America’s future


By Dustin Hurst and Andrew Collins | Watchdog.org

Things might be tough for America right now, but c’mon, there’s always hope. Though government continues to grow and invade personal and civil liberties by the day, we’re still America, the country founded on the idea of liberty, the nation with freedom enshrined in its founding documents.

So wipe those tears, patriots. Here are 7 reasons to keep hope alive:

1. SCOTUS beat back illegal cell phone searches this year.

No more creepy creepers creeping on your mobile device and experts think the historic ruling could beat back even more government intrusion into your life.

2. MSNBC is the least-trusted name in TV news.

A piddly five percent of viewers say the left-leaning network is the most reliable source of news. That’s below funnyman Jon Stewart, who calls his own Daily Show “the most trusted name in fake news.”

3. Millennials are losing faith in the presidency of Barack Obama – and in the federal government in general.


Wait… Government can’t solve health-care, global warming, put food on the table and pay for college?


4. America has a knack for producing great leaders.


Washington, Jefferson, Franklin – just keep going down the list. We’ve got 238 years to prove it.

5. Congress isn’t doing jack squat.


The president decries Congress’s lack of action. But refusing to pass bills is a good thing. Remember what we got when they were busying themselves with the feel-good legislation?

Obamacare. Enough said.

6. The midterm elections are coming.


Seriously, Congress; get out. Oh, and Eric Cantor, call your office.

7. At least we’re not France, right?

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