7 reasons believing this teachers union is a very bad idea


By Mary C. Tillotson and Dustin Hurst | Watchdog.org

In this cute little post, the American Federation of Teachers, a union for government educators, takes some nasty shots at vouchers, private schools and school choice. Neat. It’s too bad for the AFT’s few hundred readers that nearly everything the union wrote is wrong.

Thankfully, Watchdog.org can set things straight.

1. Voucher schools are as safe as public schools, if not safer

Despite what the teachers union wants to scare you into believing, private schools are just as safe as public schools, if not safer. Need some evidence? Take a look atthis shocking series about the violence in Philadelphia’s public school system, which saw 4,000 teacher assaults in a single year!

Maybe the union should be asking if public schools are safe.

2. If students don’t like teachings, they can leave

Sure, some might find teaching creationism unacceptable. The data show, however, that only a small fraction of private schools teach that concept.

Keep in mind that the beauty of school choice is on display here: If a student or parent doesn’t like the curriculum, they can say adios to that school.

We wonder how well that would work in the public school system.

3. Private schools do a really great job preparing kids for college

7 Reasons Believing This Teachers Union Is A Very Bad Idea

The point of schools is preparing kids for college and the real world, right? This private school in Wisconsin boasts a fantastic record of getting kids to the next level. Impressively, 100 percent of the inner-city school’s seniors were accepted into college in the past two years.


4. Where’s the money, indeed?

Does the teachers union really want to talk about money and education? We’ll surely go there.

Let’s start with a quick look at this school in Queens that doesn’t teach much, but instead lets students watch movies all day. The school offers no art or gym classes and critics described the library as a “junk room.”

To top it off, the report revealed that kindergartners are forced to attend classes in a dilapidated trailer that smells of animal urine.

Where’s the leadership in all this mess? She’s rarely at the school, even though she pockets a six-figure salary and drives a BMW.

So, let’s ask again: Where’s the money?

5. Discrimination comes in many places — even in public schools

7 Reasons Believing This Teachers Union Is A Very Bad Idea

Discrimination doesn’t stop when the bell rings at the local public school.

Take a look at this story, which details how a Dallas-area student was given in-school suspension for simply professing that he felt homosexuality to be wrong according to his Christian beliefs.

6. School choice improves racial integration

7 Reasons Believing This Teachers Union Is A Very Bad Idea

The Department of Justice may have had to sue schools in Louisiana over racial integration, but the data show that school choice actually improves integration efforts. Take a look at the information here.

7. Public schools teach some pretty screwy things sometimes

7 Reasons Believing This Teachers Union Is A Very Bad Idea
Via gph.is

Sure, unions can mock private schools for the things they teach. That’s fine. But keep in mind that public schools teach some pretty off-the-wall stuff sometimes.

For example: The Chicago Public Schools system is mandating sex education for all of its students using millions in Obamacare cash. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, some of the curriculum includes teaching sex positions to kindergartners.

Let that sink in for a moment.

BONUS: Union helps teacher who watched porn at work get his job back

7 Reasons Believing This Teachers Union Is A Very Bad Idea

Do unions actually have students’ interests at heart? Maybe, maybe not.

Consider this story from Wisconsin about a teacher who was fired for looking at porn at work. Through a multi-year process, the union fought to get the teacher back in the classroom with students. Thanks to the union’s help, the teacher, after winning reinstatement, received $200,000 in back pay. The school district spent about $900,000 fighting the union.

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