7 partnerships that make as much sense as a felon running for Congress


By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON, Wis. — Former Wisconsin Sen. Gary George has filed to run for Congress against fellow Democrat U.S Rep. Gwen Moore, who has represented the 4th Congressional District in Milwaukee County since 2005.

Doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, right? Au contraire.

George was recalled from his state Senate seat in 2003, almost a year before he was convicted of one felony count of — wait for it — conspiring to defraud the government.

A felon in Congress? Here are seven matches made in heaven that make just as much sense:

1. Eric Shinseki, emergency room director

The former head of the Department of Veteran Affairs resigned last week amid revelations of veterans having to wait for care at VA facilities, delays that occasionally lead to deaths.

So, he should be able to make a smooth transition overseeing emergency rooms across the country.

I mean, it’s not like we’re talking about people’s lives here.

2. David Bowen, economist

The Milwaukee County Supervisor who wrote the county’s new “living wage” law repeatedly has claimed the increased pay would have little-to-no effect on taxpayers.

Yet taxpayers already are having to dole out at least $217,369 a year for three government positions to review compliance of the living wage.

And the county’s no-partisan comptroller’s office estimates the living wage will remove about $11.3 million from the tax levy through 2019 and could cause the Department of Family Care to shut down because of a lack of reserves.

3. Anthony Weiner, marriage counselor

will smith

The former New York politician was caught in quite a pickle when he was busted for sending sexually suggestive photographs to several women.

Actually, if he can stay married after that, he should be able to fix any relationship.

4. Brett Hulsey, psychiatrist

jonah hill

The Wisconsin state representative who intends to run for governor this year has made a name for himself for his often puzzling antics.

The hijinks from the Democratic lawmaker include bringing a box cutter into the Capitol for self-defense training, being cited for disorderly conduct for allegedly flipping off a 9-year-old an inner tube at a local lake and dressing in Confederate attire outside a GOP convention.

Would you really want him messing with your mind?

5. Larry Craig, bathroom inspector


Craig, once a Republican U.S. senator from Idaho, saw his political career effectively come to an end after he was arrested at a Minnesota airport bathroom for trying to engage in a lewd act with a police officer in an adjacent stall.

I don’t know about you, but Craig sure could come in handy for anyone who is unfortunate enough to run out of toilet paper.

Don’t act like it’s never happened to you.

6. Kathleen Sebelius, web programmer


The former secretary of Health and Human Services stepped down from her post in April following the problematic federal roll out of the federal Affordable Care Act exchange, which cost taxpayers at least $677 million.

But hey, let’s give her another chance. It’s not like she can do any worse.

7. Barack Obama, president of the United States


No explanation needed here, folks.

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