Matt Evans: How I Came To Support Donald Trump


Months ago, when I first heard that Donald Trump was throwing his hat into the ring to run for President, my reaction was about like most people’s: “we’ve had enough of this unserious clown”

Now, of the remaining candidates for office, he’s my first pick.

What happened?

You may recall that last August, Trump was getting lots of media attention for comments he made about immigration. I decided to look into that a bit, and wrote here.

Here’s the short version: Without undoing the changes democrats made to the demographics regarding WHO votes in American elections, conservatives simply aren’t going to win national elections in the future. Only Donald Trump was taking a hardline stance on immigration. Every other Republican was, in effect, selling-out the future of the party, and therefore, the future of the nation.

Donald Trump’s immigration comments back then were provocative. They shifted the Overton Window on immigration policy. Since then, most Americans have admitted that they agree with Trump’s actual positions on immigration. The media was busy misreporting Trump’s comments; Americans were busy talking about them.

The next thing I wrote was this.

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]On foreign policy, Donald Trump is somehow the least dangerous sounding candidate. Let that sink in.[/mks_pullquote]

The next step of the transformation was realizing that I would, under some circumstances, vote for Trump. For instance, if the election came down to Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, I’d choose Donald Trump – and I’d make sure to go vote. I really don’t want Hillary Clinton to be President. I think if we get the worst imaginable version of Donald Trump – the one who is a secret democrat who has been lying to the American people – we just end up with a competent and amusing version of Hillary Clinton.

I also wrote in that article: “I still refuse to take Trump seriously; I think other people in (and out of) the race would do a better job.

In December, I wrote this piece.

The main point I raise here is about foreign policy – over which any President can act with near impunity. Based on listening to the candidates, Trump and Sanders are probably the least likely to get us into an avoidable military adventure, and, I think, Trump is enough of a strong-man type personality that he doesn’t project weakness; he doesn’t invite attacks (whereas Sanders does project weakness and would invite attacks).

The key point here is that Hillary and Cruz are both interested in trying to assert dominance or control or something over Russia and Vladimir Putin. Cruz has said he’d enforce a no-fly zone in Syria by shooting at Russian jets, if needed.

That is just unacceptable to me. I do not want a single American soldier to die in a shooting war with Russia, all over yet another piece of sand on the other side of the planet. Americans are tired of spending blood and treasure over there. America, Russia, and Europe should be cooperating on fighting our real common enemy – the Islamic invasion of civilization.

Hillary has been part of our national embarrassment with respect to Russia for years; nobody takes her seriously; and because of her and Obama, Russia doesn’t have to take the USA seriously. The Obama administration has made empty threats against Russia, and the whole world has seen that they were empty. We look foolish as a result.

Donald Trump, out of all the candidates, actually seems to get along with, and be respected by, Vladimir Putin. Is it all a ruse? Who knows. What we can be sure of is that Hillary Clinton isn’t respected by the Russians, and that Ted Cruz’s rhetoric is alarmingly careless.

On foreign policy, Donald Trump is somehow the least dangerous sounding candidate. Let that sink in.

In March, I wrote this.

The case I make here is that the things you normally think you want from a President – intelligence, honesty, rigid principles, etc, aren’t actually requirements to be an effective president. The requirements to be an effective president are, sadly, somewhat sinister in their totality. The job of President is to manipulate people to achieve his goals. We just hope his goals are the right ones.

I think Trump has everyone else beat on that score. I’m not saying he’s more evil than Hillary Clinton. I’m saying that he is ambitious and successful, and he maneuvers large organizations into getting what he wants.

So, the super short version of why I support Donald Trump has just two points

  1. Unless radical changes are made to who enters the country and how they vote, having a conservative candidate won’t ever matter, ever again.’
  2. I think Donald Trump is the best person to make a large, dramatic, corrective action in who we let into the country, how fast, and what they can do to our elections once they are here.

The President has near total freedom in how he conducts foreign policy. I do not want the US to start unnecessary wars, and I don’t want the US to be attacked because we seem too weak. I think Donald Trump is the least likely candidate to start a new war, and will project the best, most credible image of American strength, thereby helping us avoid avoidable attacks.

That’s it.

I know that most of my conservative friends support Ted Cruz. I don’t dislike Ted Cruz. He is clearly the more conservative candidate. He has a good record in the court and in the Senate. I have little bad to say about Cruz. However, I do not like his rhetoric against Russia, and I’m concerned he’d be too eager to start a war we don’t need to have. Furthermore, although he is now emulating some of Donald Trump’s immigration stances, he is not the leader on immigration. He says he supports some of Trump’s policies, but he backstabs Trump over issues of delivery and political correctness. That turns me off.

Speaking of political correctness, let’s talk about that.

Fair warning: You may want to stop reading here.

I love how obnoxious Donald Trump is. I love it. I wake up each day, eager to find out who is offended by him. The media, the left, the politically correct crowd, and lately, the “social justice” crowd – they all clutch their pearls, fainting over how mean big nasty Donald Trump is to them.


All of those folks have worked tirelessly to shrink the window of allowable speech in our country. They have the audacity to declare that some words cannot be said; that some ideas are too offensive to discuss; some conversations cannot be had. They believe that their feelings – their outrage, their offendedness, their “decency”, grants them the authority to silence people and ideas they don’t like.

I detest that.

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]I love how obnoxious Donald Trump is. I love it. I wake up each day, eager to find out who is offended by him.[/mks_pullquote]

I want people to be free to have challenging conversations. If people get hurt feelings, so be it. Nobody in the political realm should cater to hurt feelings. The world isn’t rainbows and hugs; in the real world, there are no participation awards, and adults have to make hard decisions. That requires being willing and able to have uncomfortable conversations, and to even make uncomfortable choices.

That’s real life.

So, I strongly dislike that people have tried to make certain ideas or conversations disallowed in America. I love that Trump isn’t putting up with their crap. I love that he doesn’t tend to apologize to people who take offense at him. I want to remove the political power of “being offended”. I want the perpetually offended larvae of America to scurry back to whatever hole they came from, and finish developing into adults before they attempt to re-engage in society.

What about the “hate” and “violence”?

Well, I like that too.

Of course, I don’t think there’s much actual “hate” going on – that’s just what the left uses to demonize a set of viewpoints they don’t like, and don’t want to have a real conversation about. When the left says something or someone is hateful or hate speech, I get very interested in it. The left is, at this point, the boy who cried wolf, and so all of their smear words – hate, racist, misogynist, anything-you-can-think-of-phobe — you name it – these words signal to me that someone might have an interesting idea that the left wants censored out of existence.

Some of the folks offended by Trump – like the worthless idiots trying to disrupt things inside Trump rallies, and the worse-than-worthless idiots rioting outside of Trump rallies – some of these folks haven’t received even 10% of the punishment they deserve.

I see hecklers and protesters being drug out of Trump rallies, and I smugly smile, and think, “Good”.

Trump rallies are private events. There is no right to protest at a private event. There is no right to try and shut down an event for other people. There is no right to show up at someone else’s party and ruin it for everyone else. The people who do this are not being “good Americans”, the people who do this are socially defective. They are behaving terribly. They are spoiled children who fundamentally want to pick fights with other people, and then rely on those people to not defend themselves; to not stand up for what is right.

You simply do not see Republicans showing up inside of Democratic town halls and trying to shut them down. You don’t see us rioting outside of Democratic events. You don’t see this because, despite how much we dislike Democratic policies and candidates, we are reasonable human beings. We let them have their say; we let them run their own events for themselves and their supporters.

We Republicans even let idiot-clowns like Bernie Sanders talk about how great socialism is. We let him do this even though most people Bernie’s age know damn well that the USA was once locked in an existential struggle with the USSR, the logical consequence of Bernie’s ideas. We let him say his piece even though we know his ideas would be financially ruinous for us. We let him say his piece even though state communism has killed tens of millions of people.

If you want to talk about where political hate is coming from in this country, set your eyes squarely on the democrats.

So, no, I do not mind that Trump or Trump supporters or Trump security are being mean to unruly protesters, I am glad that someone is kicking them out and showing them that their methods are not welcome in civilized society.

I want people who have a problem with Donald Trump to make careful, reasoned, logical criticism of Trump’s policies and plans. I want them to do that so I can make a better decision about Trump also. I support him, but I have my doubts and concerns.

But what anti-Trump rioters are doing isn’t a logical argument. It’s not debate. They’re not attacking Trump or his policies; they are attacking civilization. And, no matter what I think of Trump or any other candidate, I like civilization. I expect people to behave themselves – no matter how angry they are.

So, when I see what these criminals are doing, rather than having second thoughts about Donald Trump’s candidacy, I want to see the firehoses and the night sticks come out, and I want to hand them to Donald Trump and watch what he does next. I want civilization, and I want the guardians of civilization to keep the barbarians outside the gate where they belong.

 So no, I don’t blame Trump for “the violence, as the traitor Ted Cruz does. I blame the disruptors – people who lied to get into private Trump events, and then go out of their way to ruin them for the people who want to enjoy them. I blame the people who are being paid to show up and disrupt Trump events.

I’ve got more to say about Trump’s candidacy, but this has gone on well past a good stopping point. Months ago, I didn’t think I’d ever be a Trump supporter. Now I am.

Perhaps tomorrow I won’t be – if you’ve got a great argument against him, please make it.

I’ll listen.