Guy Sues Yankees, ESPN Because He Was Caught On Camera Sleeping At A Game


Back in April I was watching a Yankees/Red Sox game on ESPN and got a chuckle out of the guy in the video above who had nodded off in the early innings. The sportscasters – Dan Shulman and John Kruk – were teasing him, and why not? It was sort of funny.

But apparently the guy, one Andrew Rector, doesn’t have a sense of humor. He’s now suing ESPN and (for some reason) the New York Yankees for “emotional distress” suffered as a result.

Rector contends his distress comes from being made out to be a ‘fatty cow that needs to seats’ and a ‘confused disgusted and socially bankrupt individual’.

The incident occurred during a game against the Boston Red Sox on April 13.

The lawsuit was filed in State Supreme Court in the Bronx on July 3.

Kruk and Shulman made fun of the guy, sure, but I don’t remember anyone calling him “socially bankrupt.” Or a “fatty” either, for that matter.

But these days, everybody’s a victim right? Especially these days when we’re hyper-sensitive to “bullying,” and most especially when there’s a payday to be had.