Writing may be on the wall for Rep. Rick Becker’s political career


Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck, looks at the tally board on Tuesday during the 83-9 House vote on HB1169, a change to the North Dakota constitution allowing the carrying of a concealed firearm. Becker was a co-sponsor of the bill.

MINOT, N.D. — Now that the holidays are done, we’re in an election year, and that means hopeful candidates are filing their paperwork to commence their campaigns.

And there are some very interesting filings in District 7, which is home to state Rep. Rick Becker, a prolific Facebook memelord and founder of the Bastiat Caucus of Trumpian cranks who have been trying, furiously and fruitlessly, to take over control of the North Dakota Republican Party from the more traditional GOPers.

Tune in to any given episode of Becker’s low-rent TV show, and you’ll probably hear him carrying on about how he and his fellow Bastiats are the true Republicans while all those who aren’t in their little club are Republicans-In-Name-Only.

Becker’s almost nonexistent legislative accomplishments often get lost in the shadows of furious efforts to discredit these supposed “RINOs.”

But who are the actual Republicans? Becker and the Bastiats? Or the Republicans in his own district who seem poised to push him out of office?

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